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Armand, a reforestation employee, planting a mangrove

Armand, a reforestation employee, planting a mangrove

1 Card = 1 Tree. 

It's happening, for every single product sold one tree will be planted in Africa towards permanent reforestation! That's 1 tree planted for every single greeting card, art print, calendar or lavender oil sold. This was our goal from the first conception of this brand and we are so proud to say that we are achieving it thanks to our fantastic customers and reforestation partners!

These are not just any old trees to be chopped down again willy nilly, these are native forests being re-established in areas where they are needed most. We have now paid for the planting of 2,500 trees in Ethiopia and 72,500 more in Madagascar - 75,000 trees in total!

The crew planting among some of the old growth

The crew planting among some of the old growth

How it Works

This is made possible by a reforestation charity who have nurseries and plantation sites located in the areas where the tree planting is needed most. We keep a strict tally of all products sold and donate enough money for the planting, raising and protection of at least 1 tree to permanent reforestation for every single product. The charity then uses these funds to facilitate the reforestation for that many trees.

Sophie with some of the reforestation employees of the dry deciduous nursaries

Sophie with some of the reforestation employees of the dry deciduous nursaries


Employing Local People

The reforestation charity employs the people of the local villages to run the nurseries and plant the trees where the reforestation is needed most. This provides much needed employment, education and lifts the local people out of poverty as the deforestation (often done out of desperation to survive) has destroyed their livelihoods. Now the forests ARE their livelihoods and provides them with a decent living wage which in turn gives them a dignified purpose and independence. The people are now also invested in protecting the trees once they are planted as a seed source so the process is self perpetuating. 

Local employment example: Some local Malagasy people are forced to chop trees to sell at the local market as charcoal for cooking or wood for building shelters. They do this to try and earn enough money to feed themselves and their family - it is not always enough. These same people are now being employed by our charity to collect seeds for tree planting. Suddenly this same person who was struggling to feed their family chopping trees is getting paid a much better, healthy living wage to collect seeds from the same trees. So instead of cutting them down they have a vested interest in protecting the trees as a seed source!

Soph planting a Mangrove propergule near Majunga

Soph planting a Mangrove propergule near Majunga

Ensuring it Happens - We have been there!

All this is overseen by the external charity to ensure planting happens as it is promised, no corruption is present and that the new forests are protected.

To really ensure it is having the effect we had envisaged we visited the charity, the nurseries, the forests and the local people planting the trees on site in Madagascar. We witnessed the forests regenerating, wildlife returning, soil run off stabilising and local people being lifted out of poverty. The new forests are now the source of livelihood for surrounding communities so they seek to protect the trees rather than chop them down.

It is a holistic approach that empowers the local people of the land it seeks to help, the effect and transformation is truely moving.

We are also in constant contact with the charity and updated constantly. 

None of this is possible without our wonderful customers buying our products, so thank you so much!

For more info on this tree planting initiative please contact us


Materials for our Products

We use FSC approved 100% recycled card (FSC-C001869), 100% recycled envelopes and biodegradable cornstarch packaging with 100% recycled paper seals. So no extra trees have to be cut down to make our products.

Our goal is to make a net positive impact on the natural environment with the products we produce. Meaning the more stuff we sell the better it is for the earth.

Let's try and leave Earth better than we found it...

1 Card. 1 Tree.